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At Discovery Montessori Preschool, we believe in a collaborative effort of parents and teachers in the child’s overall growth and achievements. We always encourage parents to get involved with their children’s activities. There has been a significant amount of recent research on early brain development that has shown positive parental involvement needs to begin long before children enter into formal schooling arrangements. The early years of a child's life are critically important for healthy brain development, attachment formation, and language acquisition.

Along with providing information about our Daycare and education methods, we also provide the parents with helpful resources that can help them find out what works best for their child.


Does My Child needs a preschool at all?

0 – 6 years are developmentally critical years in every child’s life. Children need a rich stimulating environment and activities to develop a host of skills and abilities. Many parents who are aware and caring individuals can provide such experiences for the little children at home. A scientific approach towards Early Childhood Care and Education enables a child better and this is available in good preschools. There is a mistaken notion that preschool is just to train children to get ready for formal school, not at all. Preschool enables child’s personal, social & emotional development which gives a head start to children. Preschool years will catalyze your child’s learning curve for the better and stand him in good stead Life long.

In what way can I prepare my child mentally for a preschool?

Your role as a parent is critical in enabling the child to adjust to preschool. More than preparing the child, as parent we need to prepare ourselves first to identify the school where you intend admitting the child, plan and start joint school visits and stay in sessions with the child. Assure the child of your support, talk to child about the school. We need to use the right word like ‘ we are going to our new school next week… we shall have a lot of toys to play with, we shall make new friends etc.'

What are the Special Features of Discovery Montessori, USA?

Discovery Montessori Preschool, USA is a very special place for children where they come happily and learn a lot. It has maintained its standard of excellence. Every part of it is a valuable arena of learning and a sense of balance permeates in every aspect of life. It has a very colourful & child friendly environment. The Thematic System provides sense of exploring & experimentation. It stimulates and satisfies a child's curiosity and enlarges the child's mental horizon.

What ages does Montessori serve?

Montessori Preschool is best suited to the age group 1.5 years - 6 years and we offer Daycare service from 0.5 years onwards.

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